El Puente Educational Center

Build a bridge. Connect with your community.

About us

Since El Puente’s inception in 2009, we have aimed to strengthen our community by offering services that aid our families and assist them as they reach out to benefit others in their neighborhood. 

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To serve as a bridge and connection point for Latino students and family members to academic success, well-being, and increased integration into the Dayton community. 


Enrichment of the economic and community vitality of the Greater Dayton area through the attraction, full participation, and contributions of the Latino Community. 


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Board of Trustees 

Tony Ortiz


Ryan Rushing


Kristofer Poland


Rosa Ashworth 

Mary Alice Ordonez 

Karla Knox 

John Haught 

Julio Mateo 

Manuel Lopez 

Alejandra Espino 

Maria Goeser 

Our Funders

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Collaborations and Community Partners 

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Youth Programs 

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Parent Programs 

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Calendar 2020 – 2021 

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Our Upcoming Events 

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 Service Learning Opportunities 

We provide a teaching and learning opportunity to volunteers about the Latino community in Dayton. In the process, volunteers link personal and social development as well as cultural awareness of the individuals and community that they serve. 

University/College Federal Work Study Program 

We offer employment opportunities to undergraduate students to earn money to help pay education expenses, gain invaluable work experience in their field of study, and connect with community partners for future employment. 

Our Team 

Andrea Cregier

Program Director

Andrea Cregier is the Program Director and Parent/Community Liaison of El Puente. Her work is focused on increasing access to quality services to support immigrant and latino families and create a strong foundation for their integration into the Dayton community. With bachelor’s degrees in Criminology and Political Science, Andrea is able to ensure the academic success and well-being of students and their families. Andrea’s drive to create a bridge to equal opportunities for everyone is evident through her ongoing work and collaboration with the students, families, tutors, community partners, and members of the Greater Dayton community.

Imelda Ayala

Parent Advocate

Imelda works directly with the parents of our students, incorporating entire families into the fold. She has truly become an indispensable part of El Puente and the community that surrounds us. Imelda is known for her positive and dynamic personality and has been working incredibly hard within the Latino community for over eleven years, teaching Sunday school, teaching leadership classes to Latino teenagers, and teaching the parents of these children. Both children and adults quickly connect to her warm presence, and they rise to the high standards that she sets. Imelda sets an example of service and selflessness that all around her aspire to equal.

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